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Friends Only [December 31st, 2010 @ 3:53am]
[ mood | good ]

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Credit: userinfopanda_nuggets of userinfodivine_designs

To see what I keep in my Toybox you must comment for me to add you. Do not add me to your friends list until I have added you first. Next I will add you to my friends list. After I have added you then that is the time you can add me to your friends list. Failure to follow these directions will result in me not adding you to my friends list.

I only add people I know who are really trustworthy. Makers and people who have made stuff for me get automatically added unless you are one that is known for stealing. I also automatically add my friends. If you are caught stealing then you will be banned from seeing my what is in my Toybox. If you are known for stealing do not even bother trying to gain access. You are just wasting your time.
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Hurricane Katrina (Public Entry) [August 11th, 2010 @ 11:27am]
[ mood | sad ]

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If using any you must credit alleigh of blinkierequests. Thanks.

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Credit: happyface105
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